VanCitySec is an attempt to get something started in Vancouver similar to SeaSec, ChiSec & STLSec. The CitySec meetups are an informal meetup of like-minded security professionals. Are you an security professional? You are if you (ever) write firewall rules, read log files, apply patches, follow BugTraq, help select products, rack and stack security appliances, find vulnerabilities write secure code, test other people's code, write policies, manage people who do any of these things, assist people who do any of these things, or just want to one day do any of these things.

We meet the second Thursday of every month.  Please see Meetup.com for the current location and times.

For updates, email us at: info <@> vansec org, or follow us on twitter: @VanCitySec 

The rules are pretty simple:

  • Drinking and food (not necessarily in that order) are involved.
  • No sales pitches please, but bar tabs on expense accounts welcome!
  • References to SOX, PCI, PIPA, or FISMA require encourage the speaker to buy a round of shots.

We all know about SecSIG, ISSA, OWASP, AGORA and ISACA. The intent here is to provide a more casual, "meetup" environment for folks about security to hang out and talk shop, on a monthly basis.